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About Us

EyeDPro is a niche company established by entrepreneurs that have over 20 years of technical and business expertise in software development on aAbout EyeD Pro global scope. The management of EyeDPro brings a wealth of market knowledge and exceptional focus on the customers’ specific applications as well as strong commitment to service and support.

Our headquarters is in England along with business development office in Brussels and marketing operations in Atlanta, GA. We target a variety of markets including (air) transportation, logistics, manufacturing as well as retail.

Our agnoSix platform gives an unrivalled combination of capability and cost effectiveness. It has exceptional flexibility, reliability as well as customizable features specific to each selected industry. Our response times are quick and our commitment to meeting the requirements is unparalleled. The platform enables the integration of a variety of technologies such as blue tooth, GPS and GRPS, RFID, Infra Red, as well as ubiquitous bar codes to assure the most effective real-time tracking assets.

Intelligence gathering technologies tell businesses what happens in real time. We take it a step further by integrating different technologies to provide data that shows not only what happens in real time but also what should have happened, utilizing our agnoSix platform. This is a powerful business processing tool to avoid or minimize loss, to enable pro-activity producing more efficient results.

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