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Why EyeDPro?eyeD Pro Solution

Our platform enables your business to become more efficient and proactive giving you the flexibility of adjusting your requirements to the ever changing markets while remaining competitive. In today’s environment, one of the key factors of success in assuring efficient asset management is to be able to generate data from integrated tracking technologies so the businesses can utilize their existing platform while adding new and evolving technologies without the added investment.

Our agnoSix platform not only provides the businesses with accurate, real time data but it also provides data to show how it should be affecting the business processes to minimize the risk of loss of assets and/or underutilization of assets.

Overall, EyeDPro will deliver:
• Intelligent, value add solutions with minimal or no software development
• Highly configurable business process rules engine
• Flexible document and event handling
• Practical web interface
• Powerful mobile application extension
• Controlled information sharing
• Ease of integration with other systems
• Large number of off the shelf input/output methods

Our solutions will enhance your decision making process giving you the proactive tools to manage your assets, anywhere, anytime.

For further information on what EyeDPro can do for you:
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