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Aviation & Aerospace

Air Transport industry is a unique market where the old and the new has to come together at all times. Legacy based platforms along with the new Aviation and AerospaceInternet era have to be operated as if they are transparent for the traveling public as well as for the airlines to assure security, safety, and cost effectiveness while complying with the global requirements. Furthermore, providing ultimate customer service for the passengers can be the real competitive edge in keeping the loyalty of the traveling public. Monitoring passenger movements in real time can provide the best data for providing passengers with the most accurate information on queues at the gates, check in lines etc., while impacting passengers’ movements around retail outlets. The real time tracking technologies can also provide assistance to people with impaired vision to walk around the airport premises effectively and securely.

The world’s airports are joining in with this technology application as the pressure for productivity and better customer service increases.  EyeDPro is an expert on the industry and has an exceptional portfolio to assist the airports in evolving into this secure and integrated platform.  This is a complex domain comprising airlines, airports, and all supporting operations, characterized by high capital investment, cost constraints, unique problems relating to security, sensitivity of information in a multi player competitive environment.

EyeDPro supports the following:

Facility Management Facility Security Asset Track and Trace Passenger Management
Logistic Support Aircraft Turnaround Management Aircraft Maintenance Logistics Controlled Data Sharing

In summary, we offer a flexible supply of information to support and coordinate operations for all airport based users.

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