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Manufacturing & Construction

The construction industry contributes a huge chunk to the world GDP amounting to 1/10th of the same. This industry has immense potential in Manufacturing and Constructiongenerating huge amount of employment. It has been found out that construction industry offers employment to around 7% of the total employed work force around the globe.

Resource utilization in case of construction industry amounts to half of the total resource used all over the world, thus, it is crucial that asset management is effective leading to profitable results. Manufacturing industry is equally heavy in resources which have to be managed effectively to produce profitable results.

Cutting edge technology is being adopted by both of these industries for leveraging purposes and is mainly being used in raising the efficiency of resource utilization. The key to the efficient management of resources is being able to have proactive tools where you know exactly where your assets are at all times to monitor their movements.

Whether it is the tools and equipment or the products on route as well as personnel on route, to have real time data at all times on their movements create very powerful tools for management of these businesses to produce processes that are effective and cost efficient. EyeDPro provides the businesses with these tools utilizing its flexible platform while customizing the requirements that fit each unique environment with ease and the least cost. Our solutions are not only effective business tools that increase efficiency but they also provide increased security and safety for all kinds of assets.

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