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Pharmaceutical & Medical

Over the past decade, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies have had to navigate a challenging and rapidly changing environment, in which Pharmaceutical and Medicalstakeholders such as shareholders, physicians, patients, payers and regulators are creating significant pressures for change. Despite steady demand for its products, the
industry's current business model is both economically unsustainable and operationally unsuited to the kind of quick action necessary to produce treatments demanded by global societies. PricewaterhouseCoopers believes that the industry needs a bold new vision and leaders who have the willingness to embrace a fundamentally new approach to their business.

Some of the challenges as indicated by analysts are:
• To ensure supply chain effectiveness
• To maximize revenue growth
• To optimize commercial operations

At EyeDPro, we provide an unequalled ease of integrated business processes that help the companies in this industry to achieve some of these objectives. Our flexible and customizable platform can reduce or minimize the risk of loss by using proactive tools that are based on the power of knowing exactly where your assets are at all times. This clear vision can effectively utilize existing and new technologies at minimum cost as it builds a true, real time clarity for all types of assets.

We provide:
• Depot Management and Security
• Lifecycle Management
• Asset (container) Track and Trace
• Consignment Track and Trace
• Controlled Data Sharing

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