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Retail Management

Retail is one of the largest industries in the world by number of businesses and number of employees. Retail sales just in the U.S. (total retail salesRetail Management include the categories of gasoline, automobiles, and food service, as well as merchandise) totaled an estimated $4.300 trillion in 2009 according to Plunkett Research. Sales were $4.413 trillion in 2008 and $4.482 trillion in 2007. Retails sales in 2008-2009 were driven partly by deep discounting.

Meanwhile, competition among retailers has never been tougher. A retailer without a significant competitive advantage doesn’t stand a chance. Superstores are battling each other on every major corner while direct marketers are stealing customers from stores. Online selling at deep discounts is even making immense inroads into major consumer purchases such as jewelry. Vacancy levels are higher at malls and shopping centers than they have been in years, and there are very few major chains that are currently expanding.

EyeDPro understands the challenges this industry is facing. We have developed a unique application called floTrak that actually helps the retailers and shopping mall management to remain and even become more competitive by analyzing data on consumer movements in real time. FloTrak is a solution developed and designed to assist management of the shopping centres by providing market research data to help improve retail site performance. The service is based on our standard software service platform that is customized to provide user facilities and reports locally as well as a detailed breakdown of consumer movements within the retail premises. In addition, it also introduces a process to assist people with impaired vision within the retail site.

The following business processes are included in floTrak:

Tracking of Key Staff (and equipment)          Monitoring of Consumer Movements       Assistance for People with Impaired Vision

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