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Market Segments

Aviation & Aerospace
EyeDPro knows how to handle this complex domain.




Logistics and TransportationLogistics & Transportation
A flexible solution for logistics management, providing traceability, security and asset management.




maufacturing and ConstructionManufacturing & Construction
A flexible solution for operations management, giving traceability, security, and defined line of command information flow.




Pharmaceutical and MedicalPharmaceutical & Medical
A solution for quality management, giving process traceability, consignment traceability & security.



AgnoSix PlatformagnoSix Platform
agnoSix platform exploits events and documents controlled by a smart business rules engine.




Retail ManagementRetail Management
This solution can locate people and objects within your facility on map displays or by location search. In addition provide history of where people or objects have been by means of search capabilities, map displays, geo-fencing, real time alerts for area transgression, etc.




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